IIT JEE / CET – Main / Advanced Physics 2018 & 2019 : Fun with Physics

Learning a logically driven and mathematically based science like Physics , would be most enjoyable and easy to remember , when the learners / students / scientists  work out / participate / devise  interesting  working models or projects elucidating the various theoritical principles underlying Physics. This page is devoted to such incidents / stories , selected from around the world.Our first story itself is a pop-cracker of the same……


Curiosity : The new Martian Rover

Welcome to NASA’s new , nuclear-powered, laser-toting Mars rover , which is roughly SUV-sized , and christened  ” Curiosity” . It’s around five times the weight of the previous Spirit and Opportunity rovers and is expected to be much more mobile than them. Being solar powered, the two older vehicles could only crawl in the relatively weak sunshine of far-out Mars and had to hibernate during Martian winter – but Curiosity being nuclear powered , solves this problem. On the down side, Curiosity’s nuclear powerplant will run down after a while. This mission is expected to run for a full Martian year (approximately two Earth ones), but it will never manage to keep on going for many times its planned life as Spirit did and Opportunity still is doing .

Curiosity’s arrival on Mars – uber cool animation [ a must see ]


The Extra-ordinary Physics of how Cats drink milk defying even gravity –  proven by MIT scientists.

The study was carried out by a group of scientists –  Roman Stocker of MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Pedro Reis of CEE and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sunghwan Jung of Virginia Tech and Jeffrey Aristoff of Princeton. This is what they found ” When the cat’s tongue touches the liquid surface, some of the liquid sticks to it through liquid adhesion, much as water adheres to a human palm when it touches the surface of a pool. But the cat draws its tongue back up so rapidly that for a fraction of a second, inertia — the tendency of the moving liquid to continue following the tongue — overcomes gravity, which is pulling the liquid back down toward the bowl.

Read more  :  http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2010/cat-lapping-1112.html






Spudnik: Potato dressed as Santa with a camera attached is sent to edge of space by schoolchildren.He’s more used to coming down the chimney.But Father Christmas has been going up in the world – launched into space thanks to the ingenuity of a group of primary school children.Admittedly, he was in the guise of a potato, after the pupils at Landscove CofE Primary School, near Ashburton, Devon, dressed their ‘pilot’ with a white beard and red bobble hat before positioning him into his ‘shuttle’ – made of a two-litre plastic drink bottle.

the school children image got from the camera

Read more : Read more : http://bit.ly/cyL8GG

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