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Welcome dear students/readers,

Physicsmynd is a non-profit iniative  , and is the brainchild of Dr.B.S.Kishore, himself an IIT alumini. This e – learning service , the first of it’s kind , is mainly intended to cater to those student’s appearing for the Physics paper of the prestigious IIT-JEE Entrance exam.

However,this site is also meant to be a standalone complete physics resource for the under-graduate physics students of any syllabus,especially the Indian CBSE & ICSE streams [ Indian K – 12 ] and in due course at the graduate / university level worldwide.

All resources in Physicsmynd will be freely available – lucid & up-to date notes, IIT JEE Physics examination analysis, previous IIT JEE physics questions & answers, mock tests , exam tips & trends , videos & animations…… etc.

However, in order to maintain the quality of the resources and therein the staff behind this endeavour, students will be required to pay a token amount for our PHYSICSMYND CODEX  &  IIT JEE PHYSICS RANKFILE .

Contact us at              :


Valley of Life,No.17, Ravi Nagar,
Ambalamukku.P.O, Trivandrum – 695 005,

Email : info@physicsmynd.com

Mob  :  +91-9847091451

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