IIT JEE / CET – Main / Advanced Physics 2018 & 2019 – How to solve any problem – PHYSICSMYND ‘CODEX’

Ok , you are a breeze as far as the theory is concerned , you are able to juggle the concepts and link up with the necessary work outs , you know exactly where to insert the dx & dt’s and the tans,cosines and phases… but something , somewhere is eluding you… you are slipping and floundering without any particular reasons …. so, the billion dollar question is… what’s the way out… would it be possible to sharpen your skills to an extent where you may be able to just about solve any problem (may be around 90 +% ) , even in IIT JEE PHYSICS….

WELL , we will be trying to answer that question in our C O D  E  X series ……..

CODEX SERIES is meant to enable you , the student to think and act as the EXAMINER [ the person who has created the question you are attempting to solve ] and not as the EXAMINEE…. yes , give the exact answer the examiner is expecting ! Each CODEX of a particular section / chapter will have excerpts involving the steps and thought techniques involved. One has to be a suscriber to view the full content .


Stay tuned for our first codex on Work , Energy and Power .


The creation of Physicsmynd Codex

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