Extraordinary Physics : Physics of the Impossible


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ‘ so goes the saying . Well , in a webservice dedicated to serious physics , there ought to be something which is fun , quirky and mind-stimulating but nonetheless , have a serious ring to it. In fact , of all the pure sciences , Physics abounds in certain extra-ordinary and mind boggling concepts which , eventhough are mostly in the realms of science-fiction , must not be dismissed in its entiretly as some journeys of the inebriated soul . [ OK , folks , now you people know what we are referring to …….. read on  ]

A conceptual time travelling space ship , sailing into the unknown........



This section will have theortical musings and latest ‘ wild explanations ‘ on the possibilities of time travel. Given below are two of the recent ones , and it isn’t a wonder that most postulates are in the realms of Quantum Physics  –

  • Time travel based on Quantum teleportation  –  A new kind of time travel based on quantum teleportation gets around the paradoxes that have plagued other time machines, say physicists……. some new ideas put forward by Seth Lloyd at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a few buddies. They say that if you combine postselection with another strange quantum behaviour called teleportation and you can build a time machine.  more at   http://www.technologyreview.in/blog/arxiv/25494/ 


  • Time travel based on Quantum entanglement……….  Olson and Ralph’s teleportation provides a shortcut into the future. What they’re saying is that it’s possible to travel into the future without being present during the time in between…… That means it’s only a matter of time before somebody tries it. Read more   http://www.technologyreview.in/blog/arxiv/26270/

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