Physicsmynd One Pagers | PO’PS – Get the essential of IIT JEE Physics in one page

PO' PS - Get the essential in one page .

WHAT       ARE       PO ‘ PS  

Well , what we mean here is quite simple  – get the essential in one page . Now , how does one prepare for any competitive exam in Physics , nay one that is nerve wrecking and tedious like IIT JEE Physics ? Other than the input and hardwork an individual /student has to get involved in ( let’s call it the software ) , an equally tough , if not more physically demanding one is to get the required , upto date study material – this could be the core notes , theoretical explanations , previous question papers , equation derivations , methods / tips of problem solving etc ( now , let’s denote this part as the hardware ) . Coming to the point , only if you get both the sections absolutely right { i.e , hardware + software ) you will be able to hit the bull’s eye.


PHYSICSMYND ONE PAGERS   or  PO ‘ PS  are essentially an one page package of all the above stated essential learning material , i.e , a page each for every chapter / section .  You will also be able to download the material .

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