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Dear students,

Welcome to the most coveted feature of Physicsmynd… free videos dealing with the entire subject matter of IIT – JEE Physics..i.e, from Vectors & Scalars to Modern Physics.In additional to the lucid explanations of the theory , there will be sessions on problem solving pertaining to each specific chapter.A separate series is planned on improving your mathematical skills for problem solving , as this is one of the key areas where even the brilliant students lose their way. The videos will be available for download and will be simultaneously available in you tube and yahoo video .

As they say , a picture is worth more than a thousand words , and we hope this particular service will help even an average student to fulfill his / her dream of acheiving the cherished goal of the coveted IIT Btech seat.

We begin this service with Modern Physics.In the first video class , we look at the basic aspects of the Photoelectric effect , it’s definition , the experimental analysis and how the intensity of radiation , the potential difference and the frequency of the radiation affects photoelectric current.The novel aspect of this class is the explanation of the mechanism by taking an atom of the photoelectric emitter plate as a unit example.We request students / viewers to rate and review the video classes at www.youtube.com/physicsmynd so that we can better this service , if needed.

Photo electric effect > Introduction . Section/ Chapter : Modern Physics.


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