IIT JEE Advanced & Mains Physics 2018 : Electricity : Rank file / expected questions : VIII

IIT JEE Advanced & Mains Physics 2018 : Electricity : Rank file / expected questions / Physicsmynd Elite Series  /  Page  VIII 

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Page  : 8

64 ] Figure ( below ) shows a charge placed at one corner of a cube. Find the flux of the shaded side ?


65 ] Four point charges q1 ,q2 ,q3 and q4 are brought to the positions indicated , forming the sides of a geometrical figure ,where q4 is the last to be brought in , as shown in the image below . Then the energy used for this is – 

A ] {W}_{4}=\frac {1}{4\pi {\epsilon }_{{0}}}{q}_{{4}}\left({\frac {{q}_{{1}}}{{r}_{{14}}}+\frac {{q}_{{2}}}{{r}_{{24}}}+\frac {{q}_{{3}}}{{r}_{{34}}}}\right)

B ] {W}_{4}=\frac {1}{4\pi {\epsilon }_{{0}}}{q}_{{4}}\left({\frac {{q}_{{1}}}{{r}_{{14}}}+\frac {{q}_{{2}}}{{r}_{{24}}}-\frac {{q}_{{3}}}{{r}_{{34}}}}\right)

C ] {W}_{4}=\frac {1}{4\pi {\epsilon }_{{0}}}{q}_{{4}}\left({\frac {{q}_{{1}}}{{r}_{{14}}}-\frac {{q}_{{2}}}{{r}_{{24}}}+\frac {{q}_{{3}}}{{r}_{{34}}}}\right)

D ] None of the above


66 ] Figure below shows a square loop of side a carrying uniform line  charge \lambda . Calculate the electric field at a point P , distance z above the center of this square loop. 


67 ]  Electric field vanishes in the interior of a conductor . this implies that 

a ) The volume charge density \rho also vanishes in the interior. 

b )  Divergence of the electric field inside the conductor is zero.

c )  Just outside the conductor , E is zero. 

Ans :- 

A ] a ,b & c

B ]  a and c

C  ] a and b

D ]  b and c 


68 ] Calculate the potential  an isolated metal sphere with a radius R in the air can be charged to if the intensity of the electric field that causes a break in the air is {E}_{0}= 39,000{V/cm}


69 ] Inside a test chamber is kept a 3 m earthed sphere , which is charged to a potential of  {10}^{5} V . Calculate the quantity of heat which will be generated in the test chamber ? 


70 – 72 ] JEE Physics Previous questions

Two equal negative charges -q are fixed at points (0,-a) and (0,a) on y-axis. A positive charge Q is relaeased from rest at the point (2a, 0) on the x-axis. The charge Q will
 (a) execute simple harmonic motion about the origin
 (b) move to the origin and remain at rest
 (c) move to infinity
 (d) execute oscillatory but not simple harmonic motion


71 ]  Seven capacitors each of capacitance 2\mu{F} are connected in a configuration to obtain an effective capacitance \frac{10}{11}\mu{F} Which of the following combination will achieve the desired result?


72 ] The magnitude of electric field \vec{E} in the annular region of a charged cylindrical capacitor
 (a) is same throughout
 (b) is higher near the outer cylinder than near the inner cylinder
 (c) varies as 1/r where r is the distance from the axis
 (d) varies as 1/{r}^{2} where r is the distance from the axis



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