IIT JEE Advanced & Mains Physics 2018 : Electricity : Rankfile / expected questions : V

IIT JEE Advanced & Mains Physics 2018 : Electricity : Rank file / expected questions / Physicsmynd Elite Series  /  Page  V 

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Page  : 5

37 ] Figure below depicts a practical application of electrostatics ,where an ore is separated into components using an uniform electrical field . Assume that the ore particles are at zero initial velocity and displacement .Calculate the separation between the particles after falling through 49 cm.  Here E = 900 kV/m and Q/m = 10\mu{C}/kg for both positively and negatively charged particles.


38 ] Consider an uniformly charged circular ring of charge \rho_{L} C/m and radius r . It’s  placed on the xy-plane with it’s axis the same as that of the  z-axis.Then –  find the value of E at (o,o,h ) .


39 ] In the above case,the maximum value of E with relation of h ,ie .the distance from the center of the ring is at – 

A ]  h = \pm \frac {r}{\sqrt{{2}}}

B ]  h = \pm \frac {r}{\sqrt{{5}}}

C ]  h = \pm \frac {2r}{\sqrt{{3}}}

D ] None of the above


40 ] Regarding above case ,what would happen to E when  {r}\rightarrow{0} ?


41 ]  The figure shows a positive point charge Q  located at distances d1 and d2, respectively, from two grounded perpendicular conducting half-planes Find the force on Q caused by the charges induced on the planes.



42 – 43] Consider a line charge of charge density {\rho }_{{l}} placed parallel to a conducting cylinder of radius a at a distance d from it . Then find the following – 

The electric potential at a distance d from a line charge of density {\rho}_{l} [ when the cylinder is absent ]



43 ] In the above case prove that the cylindrical surface is an equipotential ?


44 –  45 ] The figure below shows a grounded coaxial cable .


Find the potential distribution in the space a\leq r\leq b 


45 ] The above result indicates a key theoretical point – what’s  it ? 


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