The ‘Relativistic’ growth of Physicsmynd……

Physicsmynd - the antibiotic to all physics ' headaches' .

 We are happy to inform the student community of the decision to revamp the Physicsmynd web services . In this task , we are much encouraged by the  well wishes , support and feedback being received fom the students / parents , without which this endeavor wouldn’t have been possible. The revamp would be done in a two tier mode , with the first one featuring , in addition to all the currently available free resources –

  • IIT JEE Physics Free Preparatory notes / problems
  • AIEE Physics Free resources

In the second tier , we would be looking at quality resources / services relating to the following syllabus levels –

  • NCERT / CBSE  [ +2 ] Physics
  • ICSE  [ +2 ] Physics
  • IGCSE Physics [ University of Cambridge – School Level International Examinations ]

As we prepare ourselves to expand our horizons, our motto will remain the same – i.e, of a physics online service which is not just meant for exam / competitive purpose , but to enable students to elucidate , explore  and enjoy the wonderful science which governs the rules encompassing everything between the atoms to distant galaxies and more called PHYSICS

We welcome your suggestions / feedback 

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