IIT JEE Main / Advanced Physics 2018 : Free Study Material – Feynman Lectures

In the second part of our series on free study material / videos / podcasts of top notch quality ,  we proudly present the lecture notes of one of the most celebrated physicists – Richard Feynman .

Richard Feynman

He recieved the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 for his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics and developed a widely used pictorial representation scheme for the mathematical expressions governing the behavior of subatomic particles , which later became known as the Feynman diagrams . He was a member in the panel which investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. His other major contributions where in the feilds of quantum computing and in conceptualizing nanotechnology.

He was the Richard Chace Tolman Prof. at the California Institute of Technology. For physics students worldwide he is well known by his lecture series – The Feynman Lectures in Physicsconsidered one of the best and fundamental physics study material and one among the essential reading notes for IIT JEE Physics preparation .

PDF Download : http://student.fizika.org/~jsisko/Knjige/Opca%20Fizika/Feynman%20Lectures%20on%20Physics/

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